The state's two candidates for governor fell well short of even the amount the average Texan donated to charity in 2012.


  According to an analysis by the Associated Press, both Republican Greg Abbott and Democrat Wendy Davis fell well behind the 2.1% of adjusted taxable income that the average Texan donates to tax deductable charities.


  Davis, the Democrat, was by far the worse of the two.  According to Davis' 2012 tax returns, which were released to 1200 WOAI news earlier this month, Davis donated $950 in 'gifts by cash or check,' in 2012.  That is with an adjusted gross income of $284,000, or just 0.3% of her total income.


  That was an improvement for Davis in 2012.  In 2011, the outspoken state senator donated only 0.2% of her adjusted gross income to charity.


  A spokeswoman for Davis says the tax returns don't indicate the depth of her support for charities.


  Abbott donated 1.4% of his adjusted gross income to charity in 2012.  But when you consider the proceeds of the tax free annuity Abbott receives from an insurance settlement of the  1984 accident that left him paralyzed, Abbott's charitable donations as a percentage of his total income is far lower.


  Abbott is not required to list the income from the annuity on his tax returns, so it is not figured into the percentage of his taxable income.  The amount of the annuity is not known.


  The Texas Attorney General’s salary is $150,000 a year.