Doctors today are warning parents:
don't force kids to clean their plate.

UT Health Science Center's bariatrics surgeon Richard Peterson, M.D., says that old adage doesn't apply in an obese society.

"You either waste it putting it in a trashcan or you waste it putting it on your waist.
If you are putting those
calories into your body
and not expend them, then
you are going to gain weight."

Kids today don't go
out and play and burn it off ...
so the fat just sits there.

Peterson says additionally, kids will learn to ignore signals from the stomach to stop eating.

"Patients tell me that they finish
their plate because that's how
they were raised. People can
eat through that full feeling."

"Especially if you eat quickly.
Most of us need about 20
minutes for our stomach to send
that signal to our brain that we
are full," he says.

Peterson says kids today
can avoid weight problems
if they quit eating when
the stomach sends the "I'm full" signal.