Is Leanne Bearden in Mexico?


Bearden's family says it has come to the conclusion that the 33 year old Denver woman, who vanished from her in laws home in Garden Ridge January 17th, may have been spotted on the Mexican border.


"Our private investigator in Laredo says there was a sighting of her down there," Will Bearden, Leanne's father in law, told 1200 WOAI's Michael Board, "Somebody said they saw her with a Mexican woman, shopping."


Will Bearden says that would be consistent with reported sightings of the woman on Highway 3009, which heads from Garden Ridge to Interstate 35, and at several places along I-35, between the Metrocom and Laredo.


Leanne had just returned from traveling the world with her husband Joshua and the family was staying with Joshua's parents in Garden Ridge waiting for tenants, who had leased their home in Denver while they were out of the country, to move out. In fact, the reason Will Bearden gave why Leanne did not take a cell phone with her when she left to go for a 'walk' in the early afternoon of January 17th was that prospective employers in Denver may be calling back.


"We are not angry at her," Will said. "She is not in any legal trouble, and if that is what she is worried about, please, we're asking her not to be concerned about that."


Prominent San Antonio private detective Charlie Parker, who took over the case when police determined that Bearden was not a victim of foul play, will be in Laredo today to check out the alleged sighting.


Relatives said Leanne had '$60 and some credit cards' when she set out on her walk. They didn't say if she had a passport, but obviously she had one from her round the world trip and it would make sense that she may have taken it with her on her walk.


It is not a crime for an adult to 'vanish,' and the Border Patrol or Mexican authorities would have had no reason to stop her if she did indeed cross the border. It would make sense for Bearden to be with another person, because officials said they have had no indication that her credit cards were used, and it's difficult to get anywhere with just $60.