This week is the equivalent of Valentine's Day for deer, and the victim of amorous bucks chasing amorous does could be your car.


  1200 WOAI news reports the first two weeks of November is the height of the rutting season for deer in the Hill County and the San Antonio area, and Alan Cain, who is the white tail deer biologist for Texas Parks and Wildlife, says boy deer are a lot more focused on chasing lady deer this time of year than they are in getting out of the way of your car.


  "The white tail deer, the bucks specifically, will be chasing does this time of year, and they will also be showing signs of aggressive behavior between themselves," he said.


  Police and Sheriff's departments around the area are already reporting a spike in car-deer wrecks.


  "A lot of times the deer will be moving far and wide across the landscape looking for does, and they will not be paying any attention to vehicles on the road," he said.


  The estrus cycle for does is generally regulated by the shortening length of the day.  Does enter estrus for about 24 hours, which means bucks have a limited amount of time to mate with them.


  Cain warns that in this period, bucks and does will not be paying attention to cars, and they can also wander into areas which seldom see deer at all.  He also warns that bucks will frequently fight with other bucks for the right to mate with a doe in estrus, and those fights could result in traffic issues or even damage to property.


  The result of all this will be fawns, generally born next April and May.