UPDATE 7/20 6:00am

As rocket attacks continue to pummel the Gaza Strip, closer to home, Jewish advocacy groups are supporting Israel's ground offensive against Hamas.

Shalom International will be demonstrating at the entrance to Florida Atlantic University Sunday afternoon, as the Israeli military prepares for a "significantly" wider campaign.

Shalom is meeting at 1pm at the entrance along Glades Road and 10th Avenue.

Military officials believe the ground operation could last for at least two weeks.

Since troops move in on Thursday, at least 20 Hamas militants have died, but 30 Palestinians have been killed.


UPDATE 7/16 3:14pm

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) — The uncle of four Palestinian boys who were killed in an Israeli naval strike today is calling it a "cold-blooded massacre."

The four were killed during the bombardment of a coastal area in the Gaza Strip.

Israeli warplanes, meanwhile, carried out dozens of airstrikes today, targeting 30 houses -- including those of some senior Hamas leaders. And Hamas fired dozens of additional rockets into Israel.

A senior Hamas official says the Palestinian militant group will continue its attacks on Israel and will not accept any cease-fire deal that does not meet its demands.

Sami Abu Zuhri said Wednesday in press conference that Hamas feels "alone in the field" with little support from the Arab world.

He called on Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, of the rival Fatah faction in the West Bank, to support Hamas' refusal of an Egyptian cease-fire deal.

Hamas is demanding the easing of border closures and the release of former Hamas prisoners released by Israel in a 2011 prisoner exchange and rearrested by Israel last month in the West Bank.

The statement comes as the two sides target each other with airstrikes and rockets for a ninth day.



Tensions escalating in Israel as residents in Gaza are being warned to leave their homes.

Israeli military is expected to resume air strikes against Hamas militants this morning.

The move comes after a proposed ceasefire by Egyptian officials was quickly ended with more rocket strikes from Hamas militants...one of which claimed the life of an Israeli.

University of Miami Georgraphy Chairman Ira Sheskin says there will be no peace as long as Hamas is around.

"They do not accept the existence of the state of Israel, they're a terrorist group, they're a hate group," says Sheskin.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is promising to come down hard on Hamas, something Sheskin agrees with.

"Take a look at the difference, Israel is going to bomb an area they let the civilians know so they have time to get out, Hamas is sending in rockets aimed at civilian areas," he adds.

Since fighting reignited, at least 195 Palestinians have been killed with hundreds more injured.

"No one wants to live under bombs. But I just don't know what other alternative the Israelis have right now," adds Sheskin.