Dogs get jealous.

It's something dog owners have known all along, but now researchers are confirming it.

Researchers went to three dozen homes and had the dogs’ owners to show affection to a robotic stuffed dog, which could bark and wag its tail - while ignore their dog.

The dog owners were also asked to show affection to a plastic jack-o-lantern.

 And, read aloud from a children's book.

 78 percent of the dogs displayed pushing and touching in response to the fake dog. 

  42 percent of the dogs also did it when owners hugged the jack-o-lantern

  22 percent of the dogs tried to get their owners attention while they read the book. 

   A third of dogs tried to place their bodies between their owners and the robot dog.

   A quarter of them snapped at the stuffed dog.

   One dog snapped at the plastic pumpkin.

   Read the Scientific American article here...

   Photo credit:2014 Getty Images