Against Mayor Carlos Gimenez's wishes, Miami-Dade commissioners approve a slight increase to the county's maximum property tax rate.

The maximum millage rate will increase by 0.47 percent compared to this year, thanks to a 19 percent hike in the library tax. The increase will add $2 million to the library system's coffers, bringing overall library funding to $52 million. The move will save 90 full-time library positions that were headed to the chopping block under Gimenez's proposed budget.

The increase in library funding will be offset somewhat by a decrease in the fire rescue tax rate, although Gimenez insists there will be no fire layoffs. Public transit fares are also slated to go up, and park maintenance will take a hit.

Gimenez is threatening hundreds of police and county employee layoffs if the unions do not agree to concessions.

Gimenez could still veto the county commission's decision.