Storm water fees are about to cost a little bit more if you live in Miami Beach.

Commissioners approving a preliminary vote Wednesday to increase the fee by 84%.

"This is a very small rise in people's water bills," adds Miami Beach Mayor Phillip Levine, "specifically in the storm water part which will be raised about $7 a month and I guess about $84 the entire year."

Levine says the hike will pay for new infrastructure to help fight rising sea levels.

"With a strong pumping system we can push the water back out into the bay and alleviate the flooding much quicker," he adds, "It's a much quicker, faster process but that costs money."

They plan on adding about 65 new pump stations while improving 21 existing wells.

If approved the rate would in effect on October 1st.

The Mayor meanwhile is also joining the effort to lock down one of the drawbridges on the Venetian Causeway.

The county is expected to begin upgrading the Western Drawbridge some time in November, which means it'll be out of commission for at least 9 months.

Miami Beach Mayor Phillip Levine says he's drafting a letter to the Coast Guard to keep the eastern drawbridge locked in the down position in the event residents need to evacuate.

"It will give us a continuous flow and will give them some relief on the Venetian Causeway," he says, "And then of course, the bridge that's being repaired by the county, that's going to be up fully."

Levine says the Eastern drawbridge needs to be locked down because it tends to get stuck in the upright position.


(Photo: Alexander Tamargo / 2013 Getty Images)