AAA works to make July 4th weekend safer.  The Tow to Go program gives intoxicated drivers the option to get themselves and their car home.

The free service will take you as far away as 10 miles and works for members and non members.

AAA spokesperson Matt Nasworthy says Tow to Go should not be abused.

"It is a last resort," says Nasworthy. "It shouldn't be something where you plan to go out and have your car towed for you whenever you've had too much to drink."

Florida is one of three states that have Tow to Go over the holiday weekend. Since 1998, Tow to Go has removed over 23,000 drunk drivers from the roads.

Nasworthy says the real mission of Tow To Go is to focus thoughts on safety during Independence Day weekend.

"It's just to remind motorists that they need to have a plan in place so they're not driving impaired," said Nasworthy.