The Texas Legislature is trying to do away with what are called 'Faithless Electors' after two Texas electors voted for Republicans other than Donald Trump, who received more votes in Texas in the 2016 election than any Republican in history, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Supporters of the bill pointed out that currently, no punishment is attached to voting for a candidate other than the person who got the most popular votes, and Republicans warned that this bill, which would impose a fine on Faithless Electors, isn't much of a penalty.

"Its easily covered by the faithless elector, or even by third parties, who offered to cover fines in other states last year."

Texas is one of just a handful of states were electors, who are chosen by the parties, are not legally bound to cast their vote for the candidate who won the popular vote in Texas.

Technically, it isn't the popular vote that selects the President and Vice President, but the vote in the Electoral College.  After the 2016, one fo the Democrats' fantasies of unseating Trump was in convincing electors to cast their votes for another Republican, denying Trump the 270 Electoral Votes needed to win.

In fact, after the Electoral College vote was counted, Hillary Clinton actually lost more 'faithless electors' than Trump did.

Supporters of the bill say they doubt whether Faithless Electors can even be legally fined.

"Recent litigation before the Texas Supreme Court cast down on the legality of the fine where speech is involved."

In effect, the law would penalize Faithless Electors for exercising their freedom of speech.

Republicans say they prefer a measure that would immediately replace Faithless Electors if they vote against the state's preference for a Presidential candidate.