Donald Trump is coming to Texas next week, where he'll be met with a growing number of influential donors, including San Antonio billionaire Red McCombs, who says the presumptive republican presidential nominee is on the right track when it comes to a plan to lessen governmental regulations.

"We really need a change," he tells Newsradio 1200 WOAI. "Eight years of the Obama regulatory standoff is enough."

McCombs had been a high profile backer of Sen. Ted Cruz (r-TX) and his run for the White House, but when he dropped out, the decision was made to throw his sizable influence behind Trump.  Part of that is because Trump has pledge to repeal Obamacare.

"It's amazing what a drain that has put on small businesses," McCombs says.

The car dealer is one of a growing number of influential Texans who are backing Trump.  Dallas investor Ray Washburne has signed on to be the vice chair of the 2016 Trump Victory Leadership Team.  He's also set up the Trump visit to Texas, which includes stops in San Antonio, Dallas and Houston.  The Houston event is hosted by Tony Buzbee, the lawyer who successfully defended former Governor Rick Perry in the abuse of power case.  Longtime Perry donor Roy Bailey of Dallas is also on board.

Trump's divisive comments about Mexican immigrants are not scaring away longtime GOP backers.

"Not everything he says everyone agrees with.  You don’t have to," McCombs explains. "But the big thing is we know he wants more sensible and stable taxing rates."