The Texas teenage beauty pageant winner who came under fire for using racist language in old social media posts will be able to keep her tiara after all.

The Miss Universe Organization disavowed the language used by Miss Teen USA winner Karlie Hay of Tomball, but they are supporting her continued personal growth.

Shortly after Hay, 18, was crowned social media users unearthed an account with Hay's name that featured the N-word in tweets from 2013 and 2014.  Dr. Jennifer Edwards, who heads the Texas Social Media Research Institute, says what you think is a joke may not be for others.

"When other people view it, who have a different perspective and a different world view, they might have a different way of interpreting a post," she tells Newsradio 1200 WOAI.

That's why she's long told teens that everything they say online gets preserved for eternity.

"If your future children saw that post, would they be embarrassed to see mommy or daddy posts that include certain text or pictures."

Miss Universe was co-owned by NBCUniversal and Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump until he made anti-immigrant remarks when announcing his political bid last year. NBC cut ties with Trump, who bought them out and then sold the pageant.