A landmark building which will anchor the fast growing SoFlo Arts District south of downtown began work today with a groundbreaking filled with the leaders of San Antonio's arts community, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Dubbed 'Ruby City' the bright crimson building will go up off South Flores, and will house the world class art collection of the late billionaire arts backer Linda Pace.

The $16 million project will be completely funded by the Linda Pace Foundation.

Foundation board member Kathryn Kanjo says, in typical arts form, Pace got the idea for the building in a dream.

"A dazzling crimson building appeared to her in her sleep," she said.  "And when she woke up, she drew a sketch of it using the colored pencils that she kept at her bedside."

The building was designed by world renowned architech Sir David Adjaye, who recently finished the design of the new Museum of African American History at the Smithsonian Institution.

"Pace believed strongly in the power of art as a vital social force, a mission the 14,000 square food, two story buidling will further."

The architecture is so unusual that, even though the building will be completed next year, it will have to 'cure' for six months before being occupied, so it won't be open to the public until 2019.

Kanjo said the building will become part of the world class collection of art galleries that dot the country.

"Ruby City Contemporary Art Center, will serve as a destination of artistic experience and contemplation, and we are all here today because of Linda's ability to recognize art's place in our world."

Rick Moore, who heads the foundation, says the building will become one of the landmarks of San Antonio.

"We are thrilled to take the next step in making the beautiful dream of Ruby City a reality," he said.  "San Antonio has long been a destination for art affectionados and creators alike, and the Linda Pace Foundation was created to bolster that legacy through its collections, programs, and public spaces."