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Bebop the Clown

Bebop the Clown

     When you think clowns, you may think circus or little kids birthday day parties. But there’s another type, one that clowns out of service and one that does it just for laughs and smiles, a ‘caring clown.’

      Aurora Krause left her business suit and briefcase to devout her life to the art of clowning. She first got into the ‘clown’ business in 1995 as a way to help give her volunteering acts more pizzazz. 

      “I was looking for something to dress up as to surprise the kids with when we visited the hospitals, because of copyright we knew we couldn’t just dress up as Disney characters,” Krause said. “That was when ‘Bebop’ was born…. And I’ve been clowning ever since.”

     Unlink most clowns; Bebop took her clowning to a whole other level. She has won several awards including:  Clown of the Year and All Around Clown from the World Clown Association.

      “I understand most clowns get into the business for money, but I was fortunate enough to not need this as my only income,” she said. “Just like in any job you can tell who really loves there job… it will show, you have to have a passion for making people laugh.”

      While she does make public appearances and does do kids birthday parties, the highlight of her month is volunteering her time at Methodist Children’s Hospital, nursing homes and shelters around the area.

     “I make people laugh and help them forget about their current troubles, even for just a minute,” Krause said. “You’re able to give them a little respite from loneliness, depression and pain.”

     It’s harder to see the children in the hospitals battling illness and sickness, those are the ones I feel for most, because they can’t just be kids, Krause said.

      “For the kids, I pay extra attention to their expressions and feeling when I’m in the room,” she said. “People that walk into their rooms they either want to them a shot or do something that they think is going to hurt…..but when they see a clown it’s like ‘they’re here for me they’re here to help me’…. and I go for that.”

      When you think clowns, all that comes to mind is child’s play,  but clowning can be for anyone and everyone, she said. 

      “I’ll never forget an older woman I was visiting in the oncology department at one of the hospitals and the smile I got when I walked into her room,” Krause said. “She had tears in her eyes and she said ‘I’m glad you came toady because you give me hope that there’s fun and life after this, there’s something for me to look forward to.”

      No matter where the business goes, making people laugh and smile is what I love most, it’s a people profession, Krause said.

      “I love clowning I can’t think of a place I couldn’t clown,” she said. “When you have it in your heart in it people see and that’s where the doors open everywhere, you can reach anyone’s heart as a clown.” 



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